Oral Care Products

Belgium-based innovative oral health care company developing natural plant based precision oral care formulations for consumers and medical professionals. We filed first patents in the field of personalized system oral care in the world containing cannabinoids natural plant extracts and dead sea salt.

We’ve developed oral care products containing cannabinoids CBD, CBG ,natural plant extracts combined with dead sea salt formulations to protect , prevent oral problems in a safe, effective and affordable manner. The products are cosmetic only and do NOT replace any treatment or therapy prescribed by dental professionals


Protective Whitening Toothpaste

Introducing STOP, Oral Health Care products, based on powerful CBD infused combined with Dead sea Salt hybrid formulations that help shield your mouth from harmful germs.


Speaking about the new STOP range of oral care products, Stahl said that it combines hemp-derived cannabinoids with dead sea salt which contains essential minerals and other natural plant extracts .Those products are developed and backed by scientific data. “These products have been tested for efficacy in the laboratory over a period of three years.” “They are made by a dentist who cares for her patients. I see my patients every day, and I am concerned when I find they have so many gum problems.

What is unique about CBD, is that it does not kill the microorganisms but rather interacts in the communication between them, which is a totally different mechanism from that of other disinfectants,” she said.


Dr. Veronica Stahl, a highly experienced dentist, these products are the result of extensive scientific research. They are the first patented oral care products which offer natural, plant based solutions for all your oral care needs. Products are cosmetic and do Not replace or represent any treatment or therapy prescribed by dentist

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We formed an experienced management and leadership team with dental industry, start-up, emerging-growth and exit strategy expertise.

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