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Over 25 years experience as practicing dentist and oral surgeon. Followed Master of Science, Implantology Bachelor of Science, Dentistry Advanced studies in Endodontics, Microscopic endodontics.



Speaking about the new STOP range of oral care products, Stahl said that it combines hemp-derived cannabinoids with dead sea salt which contains essential minerals and other natural plant extracts .Those products are developed and backed by scientific data.

“These products have been tested for efficacy in the laboratory over a period of three years.”

“They are made by a dentist who cares for her patients. I see my patients every day, and I am concerned when I find they have so many gum problems .

Developed by dentist , Hemp originated CBD in combination with Dead sea Salt and Natural plant extracts formulations to prevent, protect from harmful germs that cause oral problems, in a safe, effective and affordable manner.

We’ve developed oral care products containing cannabinoids CBD, CBG ,natural plant extracts combined with dead sea salt formulations to protect , prevent oral problems in a safe, effective and affordable manner. The products are cosmetic only and do NOT replace any treatment or therapy prescribed by dental professionals