Stop Mouthwash

Stop Mouthwash With Additives
February 1, 2023

Stop Mouthwash

$ 19.99

STOP Mouthwash is the next step towards your optimal oral care regime. The power of the swish with this anti-tartar mouthwash fights bad breath bacteria in your mouth covering teeth, gums, and tongue with effective oral shield technology.

Benefits –

  • Prevents the formation of plaque
  • Easy and safe for daily use
  • Cause no irritation and staining
  • Swifty heals gum tissues.

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Mouthwash by Stop holds the capability of delivering a new standard for oral hygiene in the post-pandemic era by preventing multiple oral health problems.

Stop presents a groundbreaking mouthwash formula. It is the best organic mouthwash that helps wade off germs that are in the mouth.

Lastly, this revolutionary product by STOP keeps your mouth hygienic for long hours with a burst of cleanliness and can be used when needed.




24-Hour Germ Protection

Eliminates Bad Breath

Polishes Away Surface Stains

Fluoride and Alcohol-free

How to use

Pour 10ml of mouthwash into a cup

Empty the cup in your mouth

Keep your mouth closed and swish for 30 seconds.

Spit – Don’t swallow the product

Repeat the process 2 times a day post brushing


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