Stop Mouthwash With Additives

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February 1, 2023

Stop Mouthwash With Additives

$ 36.95

Developed with the help of international dental and scientific experts, Stop Microbial Oral Shield Mouthwash provides 360° protection. This is the best organic mouthwash exclusively for professional use before and after dental procedures by healthcare providers and patients.


  • Alcohol-free mouth rinse
  • Protection against discoloration
  • Prevention from plaque build-up
  • A formula with natural ingredients  CBD and dead sea salt. 

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Stop Mouthwash with Additives is the next step to ensuring a healthier mouth.

It’s the best anti-plaque mouthwash with an innovative mineral-rich formula and natural healing ingredients like CBD hemp extracts, pomegranate, wintergreen oil, etc.

The anti-tartar mouthwash properties act in synergy to heal gum problems and remove plaque, bringing the best out of your dental hygiene management.



Whitens Teeth

Prevents Plaque

Avert Teeth Stains


How to Use

Pour 20ml of mouthwash into a cup

Empty the cup in your mouth

Keep your mouth closed and swish for 30 seconds.

Spit – Don’t swallow the product

Repeat the process 2 times a day post brushing


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