Stop Protective Oral Spray

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February 1, 2023

Stop Protective Oral Spray

$ 11.99

Stop Protective Oral Spray is a profound product that represents a powerful formula. Its capability to clean between teeth and gums sets it apart from other oral sprays. Active more than 48 hours from application

Benefits – 

  • Provides a healthy, delicious, and soothing experience
  • Easy and safe for regular use
  • Alcohol-free with no artificial sweeteners
  • Freshy feel 

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The Protective oral spray by Stop is a spectacular formula that targets extensive areas that other oral care products cannot reach. 

Featuring natural extracts, this CBD  and Dead sea salt oral spray was developed to help you escape, foul smell, and debris throughout the day. 

This safe and effective oral spray masks mouth odor as well as destroying germs and protecting teeth and gums 



Alcohol Free

Moisturizes Mouth

Freshen Breath


How to use

Shake the oral spray gently before use

Apply the spray to your tongue or the inside of your cheek

Make sure you don’t inhale the spray

Don’t rinse the drink immediately after use.


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